An Approach for Mixed Upward Planarization
Markus Eiglsperger, Michael Kaufmann, and Frank Eppinger
Vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 203-220, 2003. Regular paper.
Abstract In this paper, we consider the problem of finding a mixed upward planarization of a mixed graph, i.e., a graph with directed and undirected edges. The problem is a generalization of the planarization problem for undirected graphs and is motivated by several applications in graph drawing. We present a heuristic approach for this problem which provides good quality and reasonable running time in practice, even for large graphs. This planarization method combined with a graph drawing algorithm for upward planar graphs can be seen as a real alternative to the well known Sugiyama algorithm.
Submitted: October 2001.
Revised: December 2002.
Communicated by Giuseppe Liotta and Ioannis G. Tollis
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