Special Issue on Selected Papers from the Fifteenth International Symposium on Graph Drawing, GD 2007
DAGmaps: Space Filling Visualization of Directed Acyclic Graphs
Vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 319-347, 2009. Regular paper.
Abstract Gene Ontology information related to the biological role of genes is organized in a hierarchical manner that can be represented by a directed acyclic graph (DAG). Space filling visualizations, such as the treemaps, have the capacity to display thousands of items legibly in limited space via a two-dimensional rectangular map. Treemaps have been used to visualize the Gene Ontology by first transforming the DAG into a tree. However this transformation has several undesirable effects such as producing trees with a large number of nodes and scattering the rectangles associated with the duplicates of a node around the display rectangle. In this paper we introduce the problem of visualizing a DAG with space filling techniques without converting it to a tree first, we present two special cases of the problem, and we discuss complexity issues.
Submitted: January 2008.
Reviewed: April 2008.
Revised: August 2008.
Accepted: December 2008.
Final: January 2009.
Published: November 2009.
Communicated by Seok-Hee Hong and Takao Nishizeki
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