Special Issue on Selected Papers from the Fourth International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation (WALCOM 2010)
Switch-Regular Upward Planarity Testing of Directed Trees
Vol. 15, no. 5, pp. 587-629, 2011. Regular paper.
Abstract Upward planar drawings of digraphs are crossing free drawings where all edges flow in the upward direction. The problem of deciding whether a digraph admits an upward planar drawing is called the upward planarity testing problem, and it has been widely studied in the literature. In this paper we investigate a new upward planarity testing problem, that is, deciding whether a digraph admits an upward planar drawing having some special topological properties: such a drawing is called switch-regular. Switch-regular upward planar drawings have practical algorithmic impacts in several graph drawing applications. We provide characterizations for the class of directed trees that admit a switch-regular upward planar drawing. Based on these characterizations we describe an optimal linear-time testing and embedding algorithm.
Submitted: April 2010.
Reviewed: October 2010.
Revised: November 2010.
Accepted: December 2010.
Final: December 2010.
Published: October 2011.
Communicated by Md. Saidur Rahman and Satoshi Fujita
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