Special Issue on Selected Papers from the Twenty-first International Symposium on Graph Drawing, GD 2013
A healthy critical attitude: Revisiting the results of a graph drawing study
Vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 281-311, 2014. Regular paper.
Abstract This paper reports on a series of three similar graph drawing empirical studies, and describes the results of investigating subtle variations on the experimental method. Its purpose is two-fold: to report the results of the experiments, as well as to illustrate how easy it is to inadvertently make conclusions that may not stand up to scrutiny. While the results of the initial experiment were validated, instances of speculative conclusions and inherent bias were identified. This research highlights the importance of stating the limitations of any experiment, being clear about conclusions that are speculative, and not assuming that (even minor) experimental decisions will not affect the results.
Submitted: December 2013.
Reviewed: February 2014.
Revised: March 2014.
Accepted: April 2014.
Final: April 2014.
Published: May 2014.
Communicated by Stephen K. Wismath and Alexander Wolff
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