Multilayer Drawings of Clustered Graphs
Vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 633-675, 2014. Regular paper.
Abstract The cluster adjacency graph of a flat clustered graph C(G,T) is the graph A whose vertices are the clusters in T and whose edges connect clusters containing vertices that are adjacent in G. A multilayer drawing of a clustered graph C consists of a straight-line c-planar drawing of C in which the clusters are drawn as convex regions and of a straight-line planar drawing of A such that each vertex aA is drawn in the cluster corresponding to a and such that no edge (a1,a2) ∈ A intersects any cluster different from a1 and a2. In this paper, we show that every c-planar flat clustered graph admits a multilayer drawing.
Submitted: November 2012.
Reviewed: February 2014.
Revised: April 2014.
Accepted: November 2014.
Final: December 2014.
Published: December 2014.
Communicated by Antonios Symvonis
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