Embeddings Between Hypercubes and Hypertrees
R. Sundara Rajan, Paul Manuel, and Indra Rajasingh
Vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 361-373, 2015. Concise paper.
Abstract Graph embedding problems have gained importance in the field of interconnection networks for parallel computer architectures. Interconnection networks provide an effective mechanism for exchanging data between processors in a parallel computing system. In this paper, we embed the rooted hypertree RHT(r) into r-dimensional hypercube Qr with dilation 2, r ≥ 2. Also, we compute the exact wirelength of the embedding of the r-dimensional hypercube Qr into the rooted hypertree RHT(r), r ≥ 2.
Submitted: April 2014.
Reviewed: May 2015.
Revised: June 2015.
Accepted: July 2015.
Final: July 2015.
Published: August 2015.
Communicated by Antonios Symvonis
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