Sensitivity Analysis of Minimum Spanning Trees in Sub-Inverse-Ackermann Time
Seth Pettie
Vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 375-391, 2015. Regular paper.
Abstract We present a deterministic algorithm for computing the sensitivity of a minimum spanning tree (MST) or shortest path tree in O(mlogα(m,n)) time, where α is the inverse-Ackermann function. This improves upon a long standing bound of O(mα(m,n)) established by Tarjan. Our algorithms are based on an efficient split-findmin data structure, which maintains a collection of sequences of weighted elements that may be split into smaller subsequences. As far as we are aware, our split-findmin algorithm is the first with superlinear but sub-inverse-Ackermann complexity. We also give a reduction from MST sensitivity to the MST problem itself. Together with the randomized linear time MST algorithm of Karger, Klein, and Tarjan, this gives another randomized linear time MST sensitivity algorithm.
Submitted: July 2014.
Accepted: August 2015.
Final: August 2015.
Published: August 2015.
Communicated by Susanne Albers
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