Selected Papers from the 2000 Symposium on Graph Drawing
A Framework for the Static and Interactive Visualization of Statecharts
Vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 313-351, 2002. Regular paper.
Abstract We present a framework for the automatic generation of layouts of statechart diagrams. Statecharts [] are widely used for the requirements specification of reactive systems. Our framework is based on several techniques that include hierarchical drawing, labeling, and floorplanning, designed to work in a cooperative environment. Therefore, the resulting drawings enjoy several important properties: they emphasize the natural hierarchical decomposition of states into substates; they have a low number of edge crossings; they have good aspect ratio; and require a small area. We also present techniques for interactive operations. We have implemented our framework and obtained drawings for several statechart examples.
Submitted: April 2001.
Revised: January 2002.
Communicated by Michael Kaufmann
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